WordPress Plugin update; is not working – fix it.

yoastFinally; got this problem fixed !!

With WordPress 2.7 we should be able to update plugins – it gives a ftp login menu…. and then it should work.
Well; it does work with my other blogs – but (totally have no idea “why?”) it was not for OnMyComp.com.

Somehow it would write the login of the Ftp wrong. And I was not able to correct it.
So – I always needed to do my updates via FileZilla ftp program.

I found the solution on one of the homepages I am checking regularly… = Yoast.
He has made a little “work-a-round” plugin and it totally worked for me !!
After I installed this plugin – I was able to do the updates in the Plugin screen, without entering the ftp login.

So until this issue is fixed in WordPress core, you can download and install this plugin. After which, you can auto update all your other plugins with ease, as long as filesystem access is available.

Please note: I give no guarantees here, and please, if you don’t get this to work, disable the plugin and call your host, not me. There’s two few things you need to check:

  1. Make sure the wp-content/plugins/ directory and all the files in it are writable for the webserver.
  2. Make sure the wp-content/upgrade/ directory exists, and is writable by the webserver.

Thank you Joost !!

Instructions and plugin; Yoast.com


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