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As I already told you before – I am using a theme which was published by ThemeHybrid.

I also have been trying to make my own theme via the guide of WPDesigner…. and I have to say – it looks pretty decent. BUT I do like this “fancy kind” a bit more…..
Well; there is now also a way to make your own WordPress theme… – but without going to much into PHP or HTML or CSS…. On the following website you will find a “on the flow” template generator for making a nice WordPress Theme…. You can start with some examples and just change them into your colours, your style etc..

On Weblog Tools Collection you can also find a little interview with Ryan Hellyer of PixoPoint.

Good luck and pls show me your results !

Website; Pixopoint-Template Generator



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4 Responses to “PixoPoint; online WordPress Theme Generator”

  1. This generator is really cool! Sincerly it’s the best free one i’ve ever seen… There is also this one, maybe you should try it: http://www.theme-generator.net

  2. Thanks for kind words about our template generator :)

    If you have any suggestions, bug reports etc. feel free to let us know. We’re happy to try and add new features when requested.

    We also have a bbPress theme generator under development at the moment too. You can see a demo of what it can do here:

    There is an export as bbPress option in the upload/save tab, although we aren’t guaranteeing it isn’t bug free yet as it has had very little testing so far.

  3. I really did like fooling around a bit with the template generator – so = ya more than welcome

    btw; the link to the bbpress one is not working :(

  4. Sorry about the dead bbPress link. It seems I was a bit hasty in releasing it as it is still extraordinarily buggy. I’m working on it though!

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