OnMyWordPress; 11th – WordPress 2.8 beta 2


wordpress-beta-2Just a little “in between post” – with not a lot of information;

There have been a lot of posts on the release of WordPress 2.8. And last week we even saw the first beta.

Day before yesterday (Saturday, 23rd of May) they have announced the second one; WordPress 2.8 beta 2.

And how does it work…??
In all honesty; I didn’t try it yet….. not even the 1st Beta….
But if you have any experiences with the WordPress 2.8 beta 1 or 2 – pls let me know !

Happy bloggin !!

Download; WordPress 2.8 beta 2


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5 Responses to “OnMyWordPress; 11th – WordPress 2.8 beta 2”

  1. Hi and thanks for this info. I have not seen what has changed in WP 2.8 Beta 2. I take it that 2.8 Beta 1 had a few problems. I will have to go and see what changes have been made.

    Thanks for sharing this info :)

  2. Hi again,

    just wanted to tell you that I have added you to my links page. This is to say thanks for your help :)

  3. I’m using 2.8 Beta 2 at the moment :) All looking fine so far, no problems whatsoever

  4. This is off topic, but I have just awarded you an award, go have a look :)

  5. @George Serrandinho; 2 times thanx !! Much appreciated !

    @ Michael Aulia; that is really nice…. but think I will wait for the final version….

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