My new homepage;

Yep – a lot of “non posting” over here uh..??

As all the people of other “dead blogs” would say; “I have been toooooo busy”……

And yes; that will also be my excuse.

Meanwhile I did not want to close this one; as a lot of people are still reading it – still gathering information…!

Well; I also made a NEW PAGE for those people…. the page;

I started a Dutch version only a couple of months ago…. and fastly it grew to a homepag/blog with hundreds of visitors a day.
And to me; that is a good reason to also start it in English…!!

So – no random announcements…. or big iPad news…. NOPE; just like => MY EXPERIENCES with the iPad…. the apps I AM USING….the accessories I BOUGHT.

So – if you are an owner of an iPad – feel free to visit….. updated every day…… !


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