iTunes; “Get info” of all files – problem fixed


Williamo'sBlogI had this problem for a while; and finally I found the solution!
First the problem;

in iTunes you can select all songs within (for example) a cd – then get the main info of all those songs…. so – you can change the artwork/the title/etc of the whole cd.

Well; in my situation – I would get a white screen mentioning “Multiple Item Information” – but WITHOUT any information…..

After some Googling – I found the solution => the combination of using DirectFolders and iTunes is causing this problem. BUT – very easy to recover;

  1. Right click on the “Direct Folder” task bar icon,
  2. select “Configure…”
  3. select “Applications” tab
  4. click on “Add”
  5. Browse for iTunes and add it
  6. deselect “Enable resize….”
  7. click on “OK”

Thanx to Williamo’s Blog !!




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