Drop Caps Plugin; start your post with Caps

dropcaps One of the plug-ins I really like; I first saw it on posts of Slightly Mordant….. and I started searching all the plugins on WordPress and I finally found it…. It is called “Drop Caps” and made by Milburn.

What else can I say; it is just an easy plugin to install…… and it gives a nice professional look to the post (uh…. well…. that is what I think)…… and it should even increase the time you (as my visitor) are spending on my post with about 13% !! (source)

Weblog Milburn; Milburn PlugIns

Download; WordPress



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6 Responses to “Drop Caps Plugin; start your post with Caps”

  1. Thanks for the shameless plug. I’m working on the next version of the drop caps which will incorporate image replacement so you can have really fancy drop caps. It will also have a load of style options so you can modify the colours, fonts and sizes. It should be released before new year.

  2. You are more than welcome; as I really love this plugin !!

    And I am really looking forward to this update….; as the “colours option” would have been one of my biggest requests !!!

    And thanx for visiting my site !

  3. Even better would be a version that can be used by Blogger folk

    Looks very nice!

  4. Nice plugin! I think I’ll wait until it’s more customizable, but I’ll be watching!

  5. I was wondering how you made the drop caps :) Maybe I’ll try out the plugin :D

  6. Looking at your homepage; not trying it yet…?? ;) Maybe also waiting for the update…?

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