404 Pages; the best ones

404lostI never did never realize there is a whole wide world behind the famous 404 page. This 404 page is telling you that a certain page does not exist (anymore).

Sometimes I would see those pages and even in a few I saw a little joke hidden….. but there are a lot of them…..

Smashingmagazine made a nice list of all kinds of 404 error page….. I just needed to share this with you !

My favourite…??
The one of BlueDaniel.com… while you are checking the great 404 part of that one… maybe also check their real homepage…. (in case you have your speakers one; be warned – there is sound as well on the 404 as on the real page….).

In the comments underneath the Smashing Magazine¬† – you will also find a couple of nice ones…. !!

Smashing Magazine 404 list; here

404 of BlueDaniel.com; here

BlueDaniel.com; here

Little list of 404 pages out of the comments;







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